10600 - Standard Entries (Cont'd)

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Entry A-1  General Cash Is Adjusted for Undeposited Receipts  10600 
Entry A-2  Revolving Fund Cash Is Adjusted to Its Actual Cash Balance  10601 
Entry A-3  Accounts Receivable Abatements and Reimbursements Are Accrued  10602 
Entry A-4  Accounts Receivable Abatements and Reimbursements and Certain Collections
are Adjusted When An Appropriation Reverts
Entry A-5  Accounts Receivable Revenue Are Accrued For Interest Earnings On Investments  10604 
Entry A-6  Receivables Due From Surplus Money Investment Fund and Condemnation Deposits Fund Are Accrued For Interest Earnings  10605 
Entry A-7  Capital Asset Accounts Are Adjusted For Unsold Surveyed Equipment  10606 
Entry A-7R  Entry A-7 Is Semi-Reversed  10607 
Entry A-8  Accounts Payable Are Accrued  10608 
Entry A-8R  Entry A-8 Is Semi-Reversed  10609 
Entry A-9  Revenue Is Accrued  10610 
Entry A-9R  Entry A-9 Is Semi-Reversed  10611 
Entry A-10  Revenue Is Adjusted For Dishonored Checks  10612 
Entry A-11  Revenue Is Adjusted For Cash Shortages  10613 
Entry A-12  Appropriation Expenditures And Reimbursements Are Adjusted For Billed Receivables That Are Deferred  10614 
Entry A-13  Cash In State Treasury Is Transferred To Fund Balance Clearing Account
For Funds Not Accounted Entirely By One Agency
Entry C-1  Revenue And Reimbursements Accounts are Closed  10650 
Entry C-2  Appropriation Expenditures Accounts Are Closed  10651 


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