Chapter 1330 - DGS Facilities Management Division

The Department of General Services (DGS) Facilities Management Division (FMD) manages, maintains, and operates state buildings and grounds. FMD is a statewide operation with management units located in major cities throughout California. Its mission is to provide tenants and the public with a safe and healthy environment in which to conduct business, and to preserve the state’s investment in real property and equipment through an efficient and effective centralized maintenance and operations program.

This information was moved from Chapter 1300 - Real Estate Services Division.

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Program Summary, Resources, and Contacts 1330
Cost of Services 1330.1
Building Alterations 1330.2
Use of Buildings Outside Regular Work Hours 1330.3
Parking In Loading Dock Areas of State Buildings 1330.4
Smoking in State Buildings 1330.5
Office Plants 1330.6
Display of Art, Posters, and Notices in State Buildings 1330.7
Purchase and Display of Flags at State Buildings 1330.8
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