Chapter 1900-Waste Prevention and Recycling of Non-Hazardous Waste

This chapter informs employees at state facilities of the The Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) policies and procedures regarding the prevention of solid waste generation and, alternatively, the reuse or recycling of solid waste.  It describes related state agency and individual state facility responsibilities.  This chapter does not pertain to hazardous materials or confidential records destruction.

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General Policy  1900 
Terms and Definitions  1910 
Statutory Authority  1920 
Executive Mandate  1921 
Recycling of Materials 1930 
California Redemption Value Beverage Containers (CRV)  1930.1 
Carpet 1930.2 
Construction and Demolition (C&D)  1930.3 
Electronic Waste  1930.4 
Food Waste  1930.5 
Mattresses  1930.6 
Motor Oil  1930.7 
Organic Waste  1930.8 
Paint  1930.9 
Paper  1930.10
Scrap Metal  1930.11
Sharps  1930.12
Tires  1930.13
Toner Cartridges  1930.14
Universal Waste  1930.15
Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) Responsibilities 1940
State Agency Responsibilities  1950
State Agency Buy Recycled Campaign (SABRC)  1960
Reduce and Reuse: Closing the Loop  1970
Contracts for Collection of Garbage  1980
Theft of Recyclable Materials  1990
Materials Banned From Disposal  1995 
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