Chapter 2400 - Insurance and Surety Bond

This chapter provides guidelines for statewide insurance and bond policies.  It identifies the methods for reporting accidents and the policies regarding tort liability.

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General Policy  2400 
Air Travel Insurance  2410 
Motor Vehicle Liability Self-Insurance Program  2420 
Motor Vehicle Accidents and Reporting  2430 
Supervisor's Review and Police Reports  2440 
Reporting and Investigating Accidents/Incidents Involving State Employees or State Property  2455 
Accidents Not To Be Reported on Accident Report, Std. 268  2460.1 
Receipt of Legal Papers  2461 
Cooperation with the Attorney General's Office  2462 
Inquiries For Filing Claims Against The State of California  2464 
Reporting Requirements  2482 


Accident Report, Std. 268  A-1 
Accident Identification Card, Std. 269  A-2 
Vehicle Accident Report, Std. 270  A-3 
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