Chapter 3500 - Purchases

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General  3500 
Competitive Purchasing  3503 
Prohibited Practices  3504 
Purchases from Sheltered Workshops  3504.2 
Purchases from Prison Industry Authority  3505 
Purchasing Authority  3506 
Authorization of Agreements  3507 
Procurement Services  3510 
Specifications Section  3510.1 
Agency Responsibilities  3510.2 
Quality Control Section  3510.3 
Rejection of Substandard Commodities  3510.4 
Emergency Purchases  3511 
Confirming Estimates  3511.1 
Materials Expediting  3511.2 
Standards Sampling  3513 
Financial Profile Reports  3514 
Manufacturers' Warranties  3515 


Disposal of Surplus Personal Property 3520 
Property Survey Board  3520.2 
Property Survey Reports 3520.3 
Transfer to the Surplus Property Office  3520.4 
Donations of State Property  3520.5 
Sale to Another State Agency  3520.6 
Public Sale  3520.7 
Sealed Bids or Auction Sales  3520.8 
Discarded, Scrapped or Dismantled for Salvage  3520.9 
Donated Federal Surplus Property  3521 
Inspection of Used Federal Surplus Property  3521.1 
Loan of State Surplus Personal Property  3522 
Interdepartmental Equipment Rentals  3522.1 

SALE OR EXCHANGE OF PRODUCTS (See Government Code Section 11330-35)

Contracts  3530 
State Price Schedules  3531 
Master Service Maintenance and Rental Agreements  3532 
Notice of Contracts, State Price Schedules and Master Service Agreements  3533 
Materials Management and Supplies Warehousing  3535 
Storage of Office Equipment  3536 
Requisitioning Procedures  3550 
Forms Used  3551 
Quarterly Requests  3552 
Consolidation of Intra-Agency Requests  3553 
Description of Articles  3554 
Limiting of Competitive Bidding  3555 
Items of Specified Brand or Trade Name  3555.1 
Noncompetitive Purchase of Equipment Repair Parts  3555.2 
Noncompetitive Purchase of Equipment to Intermember with Existing Equipment  3555.3 
Sales and Use Tax  3556 
Submission Procedure for Purchase Estimates and Requisitions  3558 
Exemption of Purchase Documents from Program and
Budgetary Review by Department of Finance
Other Purchase Estimates  3558.2 
Areas Served by Office of Procurement  3558.3 
Increase or Decrease of Estimates  3559 
Increase  3559.1 
Decrease  3559.2 
Purchase Orders  3565 
Purchase Order Changes  3566 
When Required  3566.1 
When Not Required  3566.2 
Blanket Purchase Orders  3568 
Discounts  3573 


Federal Excise Tax  3574.1 
Sales and Use Tax  3574.2 
Transactions (Sales) and Use Tax  3574.3 
Sales and Use Taxes on Transportation Charges  3574.5 
Personal Property Tax Exemption  3574.6 
Procedural Steps, Purchase Orders  3575 
Departmental Procedures  3575.1
Cash Purchases  3580 
Excise Tax Exemption On Purchases  3585 


General  3590.1 
Restrictions On Use of Credit Cards  3590.3 
Credit Card Invoice, Completion of  3590.4 
Removal of Credit Cards from Vehicles  3590.5 

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