3800 - Transportation Management

This chapter discusses how to use trucking and freight services.

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General Policy  3800 
Terms and Definitions  3801 
Transportation Management Responsibility  3802 
Policy On Routing Of State Freight  3803 
Centralized Services  3804 
Assistance To Agencies  3805 
Agency Responsibility  3806 
Demurrage  3807 
Commercial Transportation For Office and Institution Moves  3810 
Freight Distribution Cost Analysis - Replacement or Repairs ($500 or More)
of Vehicles Used For Freight Hauling
Movement of Household Goods  3820 
State Contracted Shipment  3821 
Employee Contracted Shipments  3822 
Requests to Exceed Maximum Weight Limits  3823 
Storage of Household Goods  3824 
Audit and Approval For Payment of Carrier's Freight Bill  3825 
Distribution of Charges Between Agency and Employee  3826 
Overseas Shipments  3827 
Truck and Self-Haul Trailers  3828 
Moving a Mobile Home  3829 
Relocation Expenses  3830 
Sale of a Residence  3831 
Employee Responsibilities Regarding Relocation  3832 
Express  3835 
Parcel Delivery Service  3836 
Courier and Overnight Delivery Service  3837 
Use of Straight Bill of Lading, STD. 254  3840 
Hazardous Materials Shipments  3845 
Audit of Freight Bills 3851 
Exemption From Approval  3852 
Discount-Bearing Invoices Containing Freight Charges  3853 
Receiving and Inspecting Freight Shipments  3861 
Claims Against Freight Carriers For Loss or Damage to Shipments  3862 
Statutory Time Limit for Filing Claims  3863 
Responsibility for Filing Claims  3864 
F.O.B. Origin Shipments - Payment of Invoices and Freight Bills  3865 
F.O.B. Destination Shipments - Payment of Invoices  3866 
Disposition of Damaged Shipments  3867 
Concealed Damage or Loss  3868 
Documents Required In Support of Claims  3869 
Split Pickup and Split Delivery Shipments  3870 
Freight Tariffs and Rate Agreements  3885 


Standard Agreement, STD. 213  A-1 
Purchase Estimate, STD. 66  A-2 
Straight Bill of Landing, STD. 254  A-3 
Moving Service Authorization, STD. 255  A-4 
Moving Service Authorization/Bid Proposal - Mobile Home, STD. 255A  A-5 
Moving/Relocation Expense Approval Request, STD. 256  A-6 
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