4500 - Telecommunications

This chapter describes the state's telecommunications policies and objectives.  The chapter describes a variety of services provided by the Department of General Services' Telecommunications Division, and outlines the responsibilities of state employees regarding the acquisition and use of state telecommunications resources.

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Program Summary, Resources, and Contacts  4500 
Statutory Authority  4501 
Office of Public Safety Communications Services  4503 
Terms and Definitions  4505 
Agency Management Responsibilities  4510 
Feasibility Study Reports  4511 
Public Safety Communications Planning  4515 
Emergency Assumption of Control  4520 
Performance of Services  4525 

Public Safety Communication Services
    -Use of Consolidated Services
    -Radio Installation, Modification, and Maintenance
    -Radio Transmitter Licensing
    -Purchase of Radio and Electronic Equipment
    -Availability of Services to Public Agencies  


Facilities Management  4535 
Telecommunications Division Services  4540 
Delegation  4545 
State Telephone Directory  4550 
Billing For Services  4555 

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