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Chapter 700 - Travel

This chapter provides guidelines for employees who travel on official state business.  It identifies the methods of travel available, and explains the payment of travel expenses.

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General Policy  700 
Terms and Definitions  710 
Request for Travel Expense Exception Approval  715 
Per Diem Allowances  720 
Short-Term Travel 721
Long-Term Travel 722
Noncommercial Allowance 723
Conventions, Conferences, or Business Meetings 724
Expenses for Applicants Called for Interviews 725
Allowances While on Sick Leave, Vacation or Compensating Time Off (CTO) 726 
Business-related Meals  727 
Overtime Meals  728 
Transportation  730 
Travel Expense Outside Working Hours  731 
Travel by Aircraft  740 
Commercial Air Travel  741 
Use of Agency Owned / Leased Aircraft  742 
Privately-Owned Aircraft  743 
Reimbursement for Use of Privately-Owned Aircraft  744 
Agency-Rented Aircraft 745 
Insurance Requirements for Privately-Owned/Rented/Leased Aircraft  746 
Pilot Qualifications  747 
Transportation Selection Authorization and Accountability  748 
Vehicle Use  750 
Operator Requirements  751 
Defensive Driver Training  752 
Authorization To Use Privately-Owned Vehicle  753 
Reimbursement For Use Of Privately-Owned Automobiles  754 
Reimbursement For Parking Charges  755 
Reimbursement For Pool Vehicle Expenses  756 
Reimbursement For Damage To Privately-Owned Vehicle  757 
Reimbursement For Damage To Commercial Vehicle Rental  758 
Privately-Owned Motorcycles  759 
Out-Of-State Travel  760 
Advance Blanket Approval  761 
Criteria For Blanket Approval of Out-Of-State Travel  762 
Travel Plan  763 
Individual Trip Approval 764 
Administration Of Out-Of-State Travel  765 
Return Of Deceased Employees To Headquarters Or Place Of Burial  772 
Travel and Related Reimbursement Of Persons Not State Employees  774 
Travel Expense Claims (TEC)  780 


Travel Expense Claim (TEC), Std. 262  A-1 
Insurance Verification and Authorization To Operate Privately Owned/Rented/Leased Aircraft On State Business, Std. 265  A-2 
Authorization To Use Privately Owned Vehicles On State Business, Std. 261  A-3 
Blanket Approval For Out-Of-State Travel, Std. 260  A-4 

Request For Approval Of Out-Of-State Travel, Std. 257Std. 257c 

Criteria For Claiming Meal Expenses  AF-1
Travel Guide  S-1