8500 - Payrolls

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General  8500 
State Pay Plan  8510 
Beginning And Ending Dates of Pay Period  8512 
Summary Of Controller's Payroll Functions  8520 
General Personnel Procedures - Established Positions  8531 
General Personnel Procedures - Position Numbers  8533 
Leave Cards  8534 
Unemployment Insurance  8535 


Workers' Compensation Insurance Disability Payments  8536 
Workers' Compensation Insurance - Accounting for Third Party Recoveries  8537 
Nonindustrial Disability Insurance  8538 
Attendance Records  8539 
Overtime  8540 
Withholding And Reporting Requirements For Taxable Fringe  8572 
Moving Expenses  8572.1
Indeterminate Field Assignment Allowances (Long Term Travel - Indefinite)  8572.2
Personal Use of State Provided Vehicles 8572.4
Uniform Allowances  8572.5
Distribution of Salary Warrants  8580 
Duties Incompatible With Handling Of Salary Warrants  8580.1
Release of Salary Warrants  8580.2
Return Of Salary Warrants To The State Controller's Office, Division Of Administration And Disbursements  8580.3
Employee Separations  8580.4
Undelivered Salary Warrants  8580.5
Payroll Expenditure Accounting  8590 
Overpayments  8593 
Recovery By Cash Collection  8593.1
Recovery By Payroll Deduction  8593.2
Recovery From Separated Employment  8593.3
Absence For Jury Duty  8594 
Absence As A Court Subpoenaed Witness  8594.1
Absence As An Expert Witness  8594.2
Absence Reporting For Witnesses  8594.3
Absence For Collecting Bargaining Activities  8594.4
Revolving Fund Advances  8595 
Recovery Of Lump Sum Payments  8596 

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